About me

I am a photographer and photography instructor based in Northern Virginia. While I make my living teaching graduate school online, I also complete many editorial, corporate and commercial assignments here in the Washington, D.C. region. 


Imagine a world where photography performs the same role as poetry or even great literature -- helping us live more intensely, orienting us to our place within the world, revealing an underlying pattern to life and giving us a sense that life has meaning and value. 

Right now, that world exists for me and tens of thousands of other people. But I want it to be mainstream. I want hundreds of millions of people to engage in it.  That's why I teach. I want more photographers - more hobbyist photographers - to make work driven by their own unique histories and life experiences. 


I currently teach full-time for the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. There, I've authored courses for both the BFA and MFA programs on the following topics:

  • Color
  • Composition
  • Concept
  • Contemporary landscape
  • History of photography
  • Photoshop (basic, intermediate and advanced)
  • Portfolio development
  • Portraiture. 
  • Basic filmmaking
  • Basic video editing

Before that, I was a popular photography instructor at the Smithsonian Resident Associates in Washington, D.C. I've also taught several week-long courses at Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, Maine.