Mark Power on the value of a formal education

"Don’t be afraid of being deeply influenced by others whose work you like because ultimately your own voice will come out. I often find myself trying to be Walker Evans, but it's impossible because I'm not Walker Evans, and I’m not working in ’30s America. I suppose I have a certain style, for want of a better word, but I’ve had to work to get there by borrowing from other people, understanding the history and not reinventing the wheel. 
From that point of view, formal education is good because if you go to a good college then you’ll be introduced to all of this and you’ll be able to have a sense of where you fit into that continuum. If you don’t go to college, somehow or other you’ve got to do that for yourself – you’ve got to read books, go to exhibitions, you’ve got to have some grasp of some of the theory behind the practice. You should revel in the idea that you know where you fit."
Mark Power

Union Square, San Francisco

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