We make your portrait your brand


Stop and think: What does your current headshot say about you? 

Was it taken at a party? On vacation? Does it even still look like you? 

Modern marketing and social media require a good online portrait. Its style and quality should be as carefully crafted as your other marketing materials. We pride ourselves on matching the portrait to the desired brand image you wish to project.  We can also match your headshot to the style your company uses. 






What We do

We can guarantee you a headshot that will look like you and show your natural expression, confidence and character.

Our friendly and personable approach makes it easy for you to feel comfortable and at ease during shoots, so you can walk away with a headshot that will get you noticed.

Shoots take place at a location of your choice.


We have packages to serve a variety of budgets and needs.

Prices for Individuals »

Prices for Businesses»


We’ve photographed simple white or coloured background portraits or headshots, indoor and outdoor environmental shots, bright and light, dark and moody, colour and black & white and green screen too.

 If you have an existing style, we can match it.


On Location Photography

I work exclusively on-location with portable studio lights and lighting modifiers. This saves you time - there’s no need for you to travel to a studio.

It also allows me to use your office environment as a natural background. Or I can bring a portable backdrop for a more traditional look.

Part of the planning for the shoot involves us talking about the ideal background for your goals.


Although, I don’t like taking pictures, my experience with you was very easy and pleasant,. I felt comfortable. I really like my picture, the lighting was just right.

— Wanda